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Stein remains committed to Greens; steers clear of Americans Elect

green_party_logo_jill_stein.gifGreen Party presidential candidate Jill Stein clarified today that she will not seek the presidential nomination of the group known as Americans Elect. Stein is campaigning for the nomination of the Green Party and is heavily engaged in Green Party ballot access efforts across the nation. According to Dr. Stein:

"America needs a political party that is democratic to the core and that takes a firm stand against letting big money call the shots. We need a political party that is based upon grassroots democracy in which the members use open, democratic processes to set policy, elect officers, and define rules and procedures. We also need to roll back the pernicious effects of big money upon our electoral system and our elected officials. I am not comfortable with the manner in which Americans Elect has approached transparency, openness, big money donors, and democratic process. I am proud of the Green Party for understanding the importance of these issues. The Greens remain the best way forward for building a solid progressive electoral alternative in the United States of America."

Americans Elect is a corporation that has been reported to be founded, funded, and run by hedge fund managers and multi-millionaires. Candidates seeking the nomination of Americans Elect pledge to run as independents on Americans Elect ballot lines, and not on the ballot lines of any other party. If Dr. Stein were to seek and win the Americans Elect nomination, she would be forced to run in opposition to the eventual Green Party nominee, and this would undermine the progress the Green Party has made in securing ballot status across the nation.

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