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BALLOT VICTORY: Stein puts Utah Greens on ballot

Utah_Jill_stein.gifThe Jill Stein for President campaign announced this morning that it had succeeded in collecting over 3,000 signatures of registered Utah voters to form the Green Party of Utah and to place the new party on the Utah presidential ballot. For the past week, volunteers and staff for Jill Stein for President have been working day and night in Salt Lake City and neighboring communities. With Utah, the Green Party of the United States has secured 19 ballot lines, and has not missed a single deadline in working towards the goal of winning ballot access in almost every state.

"We succeeded in Utah through the hard work of our volunteers and campaign workers," said Jill Stein. "I am committed to winning the right of voters to vote Green in every state in the union, and I am thankful to our supporters for donating the money and time to bring Utah voters into a fuller democracy." Utah law required 2000 registered voters to signature their intention to join a new party in order for that party to win ballot access.

Campaign volunteer and Wisconsin small business activist Sarah Manski oversaw the ballot drive effort. She issued the following report yesterday:

The Stein campaign is working on a daily basis with the Green Party of the United States to insure ballot access. So far, the Stein campaign has worked with local Greens, and new activists, to launch new ballot drives in Iowa, Indiana, Virginia, Vermont, Connecticut, and New Hampshire, where, like Utah, the campaign has inspired a new state Green Party. The campaign is also assisting existing ballot efforts in states like Delaware and especially, Hawai'i, whose filing deadline is one week from today. 

Said Ben Manski, campaign manager for Jill Stein, "Even as we've been taking care of Utah, our campaign has also been actively assisting the party in securing the Hawai'i ballot line, and gearing up for pushes in New Mexico and Nevada. We have a plan and priorities and are directing our resources accordingly."

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Obama losing financial backing of big S.F. donor

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BALLOT VICTORY: Stein puts Utah Greens on ballot
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This is great news. Congratulations!
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