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Contact the media about Monday's Free & Equal presidential debate!

On Monday November 5 from 9-10:30pm EST, Jill Stein will take part in Free & Equal's final presidential debate, along with the Libertarian Party's Gary Johnson. 

Please join us in demanding coverage by contacting the following media outlets and asking them to let the candidates be heard!

Click-through to submit your requests or use the social media links to message them on Facebook and Twitter. (Please be respectful. We want to build good relationships moving forward.)

Current TV
Link TV 
Viewers can catch the live debate between Jill Stein and Gary Johnson at and RT America’s YouTube channel. Additional media may join the live feed.

(Check out our guide on how to organize a debate-watching party, and register your party online today.)

Thank you so much for your continued support! Together we can make this debate even better than the last one (which you can view here). Lets spread the word!

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