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Election Day countdown: Invest in democracy. Demand a Green New Deal!

We've fought our way onto nearly 9 out of 10 ballots. We fought for matching public funds in the primary and raised just shy of $500,000.

We've already won a lot. But we need your help to keep building demand for a Green New Deal. 

Can you contribute $25, $100, $250, $2500, or anything in between?

Every dollar wins us more votes by increasing our media outreach and hiring more organizers to work on the ground in local communities.


~ A win of 1% of the vote will put the Greens back on the national political map.

~ A win of 3% will send a clear message to the political establishment that serious momentum is mounting for the Green New Deal.


~ A win of of 5% of the vote will unleash $20 million in clean public funding for the 2016 Green presidential campaign, giving us the strength to get on every state ballot, break into the debates, and build demand for the Green New Deal.

Will you help by contributing today?

Real people can’t afford to have two corporate parties -- we have too much at stake. With your support, we will reach out to even more new voters to build support for a Green New Deal and fight for full employment, Medicare for All, and a government truly for and by the 99%.

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