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Had Enough? Help launch our first TV campaign!

Help us break through the media blackout and get this ad in front of millions of Americans!

We hired one of the most famous political advertising firms in the country. We cut the ads. And now we need your support to get on the air. Please donate now! You can see our first ad -"Enough!" - below.

We have until Thursday, September 6th, to raise at least $80,000. If we succeed in doing that, our ads will run in college town media markets from the Pacific to the Mississippi to the Atlantic. If we raise $120,000, we'll have viewership in medium sized cities of population 500,000 to 2 million. And if you help us raise $200,000, we'll be on in at least a couple major metropolitan areas.

We know millions of voters agree with the sentiment of this video and have had enough! Donate today so we can show them there IS a better choice!

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