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Honor May Day with a tidal wave of solidarity

may-day-jill-stein.pngRight now, the entire world is celebrating May Day, also known as International Workers Day. Dr. Stein is campaigning in the southeast, and taking part in and speaking at May Day rallies in Florida. Back at campaign headquarters in Wisconsin, and also across the country, Jill Stein for President will be out in force today.

Today is the holiday for the 99%, and it feels great to witness it take root again in the country that transformed the traditional spring holiday of May Day into a celebration not only of wild nature, symbolized by green, but also of the liberation of human nature, symbolized by red.

Wherever you are, I hope you are celebrating this both American and international holiday. Here are a couple ways you can join us in celebrating:

 (1) If you took part in our Earth Day to May Day challenge, and made a donation pledge, it is time for you to complete that pledge by donating now: Just click here.

 (2) Put down your work, and go out into the streets to join the nearest May Day celebrations near you. Our friends at Media for the 99% are tracking May Day mobilizations here and you can also find information via Occupy Together here.

You can still make your Earth Day to May Day contribution, even if you didn't make a pledge. In fact, I urge you to do that by donating now

This is about something we call ballot box solidarity. There are many ways to work and act and speak together. Supporting Jill Stein is one vital way to do that.

 . . . Jill Stein's Green New Deal will end unemployment in America. Entirely. It will do this by creating 25 million jobs in the green and pink labor markets. 

 . . . The Green New Deal will shift our economy into a new, sustainable era by replacing fossil fuels and nukes with 100% renewables and conservation.

 . . . And we'll break up the big banks, end student debt and home foreclosures, and provide medicare for all. 

That is a genuine Earth Day to May Day package that protects people and planet both. And you don't have to wait till November to support it. You can donate today, on May Day, to make sure that we have a tidal wave of solidarity at the ballot box come November.

  In Solidarity,

                       Ben Manski
                       Jill Stein for President
                       Campaign Manager

p.s. - If you're wondering why I describe May Day as "both American and international," the answer is that International Workers Day has its origins in labor protests in Milwaukee and Chicago in 1886. The movement then, as now, was international, and the cause of the Bay View and Haymarket martyrs - killed for demanding a shorter working day - was taken up by working people all over the world. We're not asking you to risk your life today. We're just urging you to raise your voice in the streets and at the ballot box, and to speak clearly for the necessities of life.

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