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Hosting Jill or Cheri

Jill and Cheri are on the road constantly, and it's important that things go smoothly.  We have a list of guidelines and requirements to help make sure this happens.  If you are interested in hosting Jill or Cheri at your event, please read this carefully before submitting your request to the campaign to ensure all of these requirements are met.  If these items are not met or followed, the campaign reserves the right to cancel our attendance.

Travel Guidelines and Requirements

Approval of Events and Schedule

1.Attendance of the campaign cannot be assumed without written commitment from either Campaign Manager Ben Manski or Associate Campaign Manager for Operations Tia Nowack. After a commitment, the host/point person of the event must understand that the nature of a campaign schedule means that we may need to change arrangements on short notice.

2.After the initial request is approved, all subsequent scheduling must also be approved by the campaign, including press conferences, dinners, speaking engagements, etc. For a guaranteed response, this information must be given to the campaign at least five days prior to the event in itinerary form.  We will not approve events like candidates going door to door, tabling, or petitioning.  

Media Outreach

1.Hosts/hosting organizations are responsible for informing the media about Dr. Stein/ Cheri Honkala/campaign staff’s attendance. Our media team will do pitching, but it’s important to have local groups/individuals doing this as well.

2.If members of the press would like to schedule interviews while the campaign is in town, send those requests to Kate Davidson at for approval and scheduling.  Only campaign staff have the authority to approve media requests.  

Contact Information

1.The contact information of key people for the trip (event coordinators, homestays, etc.) must be given to the campaign at least three days before our arrival. This includes phone numbers, emails, and addresses of locations we will be visiting/staying at.

Personal Care

1. We arrange homestays for almost all trips to keep campaign travel costs down. The requirements of the accommodations include:

           a. a private, comfortable bedroom for the candidates and assistant 

           b. wireless internet access

           c. access to a kitchen for cooking

  of fresh paint, smoke, cats, and aromatics (due to allergies) 

           e. clean bedding, towels, etc. 

2.Access to a market with fresh food. Optimally, someone would make a trip to the market for them based on a grocery list that we would give you ahead of time.

3. Staff and candidates also need alone time to rest and do other ongoing work. This time must be scheduled into their stay and must be respected. Candidates must be back to their private room by 10pm every night and should not be disturbed after this point.

4.Transportation to and from events should also be arranged for the candidate throughout their stay. 

Communication with the Campaign

1.If the status of the event changes, the campaign must be notified immediately.

2.Leading up to the event, hosts should be in regular communication with the Associate Campaign Manager regarding progress of planning.

3.During the visit, hosts should be in communication with the Associate Campaign Manager to provide updates on any last-minute changes.

4.As a host, you are expected to return any communication from the campaign promptly to ensure adequate communication and information sharing.

Follow-up after Visit

1. Following the visit, a final check-in will be done with the campaign to recap any important next steps. The host or their designee will also send all sign-in sheets, contribution forms, and other materials (unless otherwise discussed) back to the campaign headquarters at:

Jill Stein for President, PO Box 260217, Madison, WI 53726


For any clarification on these guidelines or for more information, please contact Tia Nowack at


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Open communication is the key. These two women are ontop of their game. Jill for President
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Its a good section. How about to add a section about medical education programs list the schools helping you in your cause and give a logo to websites who are with you.
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