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How to organize a house party

Thank you for deciding to hold a Jill Stein for President house party! These gatherings are vital to our campaign. They help build relationships between the candidate, the campaign, and the community, as well as generating volunteers and funds for the campaign. With each new house party, we strengthen our ability to challenge short-sighted, big-money politics.

Two great occasions for parties are coming up: the Democracy Now! expanded presidential debate with Jill Stein on Monday, October 22, and the Free and Equal all-inclusive presidential debate on Tuesday, October 23.

green-house-party.pngIn this guide:

  • Goals of a House Party
  • Planning a House Party
  • Running a House Party
  • After the House Party

First, let’s set some goals!

Why have a house party?

  • To raise money (The Green Party is the only political party that refuses corporate donations, so we are only beholden to the people!)
  • To give life to the promise of American democracy.  Hosting a house party is a great step toward building the power of the people to make real change.
  • To have fun!

We’re ready to plan a party…

First, register your house party online. Just go to and enter your information so that we know what you're up to and can help if need be.

You can also plan a party for your local community center, coffee shop, or neighborhood bar - just call ahead to make sure the space is available before sending out your invitations.

Second, create a guest list for your party and send out invitations.

You can invite people via phone (preferred), e-mail, social media, and snail mail, but remember to invite at least twice as many people as you want to attend. 

Third, submit your invitation list to the campaign.

E-mail it to (preferred) or send it to us at P.O. Box 260217, Madison, WI 53726-0217. The campaign will maintain a list of people invited to house parties and may help with outreach to them.

Fourth, call your invitees and confirm their attendance.  

This is the single most important factor in ensuring a well-attended party—getting in touch with everyone you invited at least once before the party. If the response is low, invite more people—one way to do this is to suggest to your invitees that they invite their friends who may be interested in the campaign (or give you their contact information).

Fifth, ask a friend to serve as "Door Host" at the event.

This person will be responsible for keeping a sign-in sheet of guests as they arrive, collecting contributions and cards and distributing materials. If possible, the Door Host should set up a table near the entrance to facilitate this process.

Running your house party

In many ways, you should set up your Jill Stein for President House Party just as you would any party. Purchase and/or prepare enough food and beverages for all confirmed attendees. Think about the mood you want to create at the party, and maybe even write up a plan of activities.

Print out some campaign flyers, sign-in sheets, volunteer forms, and donation forms before the party.

You may also want to get some campaign merchandise, such as yard signs, t-shirts, bumper stickers, and buttons.

If you will be watching the debates with Jill Stein, make sure ahead of time that you have a way to watch - either a secure internet connection fast enough to watch livestreamed video, or a TV with one of the channels that will be showing the debate. Remember to test this before your guests arrive.

Check these links for the latest information about debate times and broadcast information:

Monday, October 22: Democracy Now! Expanding the Debate with Jill Stein

Tuesday, October 23: Free and Equal Presidential Debate

We encourage you to make it a multimedia experience! Have a computer accessible where people can view videos of Jill and Cheri, send a quick tweet to us on Twitter, or share a comment on Facebook. Also, take pictures, record short videos, and find other ways to capture the experience and share with others to help inspire more support. (We'd love to see what you do, so email us or share on social media!)

The day of the party, make sure the food’s ready to go, the campaign literature is on display and your “Door Host” knows of his/her duties and is prepared to come a half-hour early.

The door host should make sure that every guest signs in on a sign-in sheet as they arrive.

Write out the party plan and try to keep things moving so that people stay engaged and excited. 

After watching the debate, video, local candidate presentation, or whatever the main event of your party is, stand up and ask your guests if they can make a contribution to the campaign. Remind them that our campaign has pledged not to take money from corporations, lobbyists or super PACs, and that we rely on support from grassroots supporters like them to keep growing. Make sure that everyone who donates fills out a donation form. You can also bring a computer with internet connection and ask people to make a secure online donation.

After asking your guests to make a contribution, ask them if they will volunteer for the campaign. Again, remind them that this is a people-powered campaign, and we rely on volunteers to spread our Green message. People who are willing to volunteer should fill out a volunteer form - either a paper form or our online volunteer form.

Thank your guests for coming, donating, and volunteering. And don’t forget, smile and have a good time!

The party’s over … or is it?

After your successful house party, return all contributions, sign-in sheets, and volunteer forms to the campaign at:

Jill Stein for President, P.O. Box 260217, Madison, WI 52726-0217.

You can also make high-resolution scans of the sign-in sheets and volunteer forms and send them to

Make sure that any leftover buttons, stickers, and literature get used locally.

Finally, give yourself a pat on the back for doing your part to rescue our fragile democracy and create the secure, sustainable, just future we deserve!

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How to host a house party for Jill Stein for President via @drjillstein
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Open invite for a green house/fund and fun raising party.
End of Sep. – beginning of Oct.
In Cumming 30041-8350, GA , 45 minutes east of Atlanta.
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I don’t think we’re going to be this organized…and I’m largely putting this out to FB, our local Occupy movement, and few other people to publicize to their emailing lists, if they choose. I plan to use this as an introduction to the Green Party for most people, as well as to Jill Stein. I’m hearing a lot of questions about details concerning Jill’s approach to making things right again, so I hope she provides some real well-fleshed plans. We have a very active Google group that discusses the details of Chris Martenson’s Crash Course and is working toward a more self-sufficient local economy in our community….several Libertarians and one rabid Ron Paul supporter. I’m hope they will come and at least listen with an open mind, but they are really sharp people and will want very clear details on not just “what”, but “how”.
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Change the course of history, vote for Jill Stein and the Green Party!
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what a great organizing idea…
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Will the video be available to watch after the event?
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Hi Scott – 8:30pm Eastern is 5:30pm Pacific, not 11:30pm . . .
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It would be 11:30 pm PST so I don’t think many people will be able to listen live. I will plug it on my Wed. radio show in Lakeport for night owls when I have the website.
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