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Volunteers_for_Jill_Stein.gifCONGRATULATIONS! Just by clicking on this page, you are taking a step in growing your leadership with Jill Stein for President. We appreciate your support and are very grateful that you'd like to spend your time working with us. 

If you've already started a volunteer group, please register your group here.

Jill Stein for President is a volunteer-powered, impact-driven campaign with the main purpose of growing grassroots electoral power among people and communities who identify with the Green Party’s principles. To do this, we need strong local volunteer groups who are coordinating with other groups in their state and region of the country to get the Green Party on ballot this year, raise donations from individual donors so that we can qualify for federal public financing, and build momentum and support for Jill Stein and the Green New Deal.

volunteer-hands2.jpgTo check out our toolkit for starting a new group, click here.

Your local Volunteers for Jill Stein group is the key to accomplishing our goal of building a stronger party. It’s definitely okay to start small, but we need to get to work right away.  Register your new group as soon as possible so that we can connect you to other volunteers in your state and let you know what’s needed most from our local Volunteers for Jill Stein for President groups. 

Our staff is here to help you implement an awesome plan this year by providing strategic vision, training, information, advice, contact lists, and moral support. Register your group or contact us with questions today so that very soon we can start telling everyone about the incredible work you’re doing!

Some of the work our volunteers will do this year includes:

  • Recruiting fundraisers to host house parties, send letters, make calls
  • Turnout of Jill supporters to the presidential primaries
  • Welcome Dr. Stein and Jill Stein for President staff coming to your state
  • Sending people to events as visible supporters of the campaign
  • Collecting signatures for ballot access
  • Mobilizing volunteers to assist nearby states
  • Organize delegates for state/national Green Party conventions
  • Campus greens network and other constituency networks
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