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Noam Chomsky: Our global responsibility

Every major movement, from suffrage to civil and labor rights, has had an electoral component pushing the agenda in our state houses and capitols. Join me in building demand for progressive change with the Green Party and Jill Stein’s presidential campaign.chomsky-green-party.png

Contribute to Jill Stein’s campaign today.

People around the world wish they had a voice in American politics. We have the capacity to direct leaders to international war, shape relations in the Middle East, and peak or crash markets in far-reaching places. Our national policies that in turn shape policies in every corner of the earth.

Can you give today? With only 3 days until the election, your financial support is needed more than ever.

Please give to Jill Stein for president for all the people who so badly need her leadership but do not have a choice. Please contribute to her campaign for the people in Pakistan, Palestine, and Afghanistan. For the people around the world whose daily lives are affected by American policies but will not have a say.join-me-donate-contribute.png

Anything you can contribute makes a difference. Thank you for your support.

~ Noam Chomsky

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