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Sign the First Amendment Pledge of Non-Cooperation with Police Repression


Millions have already voiced outrage at the ongoing brutal police attacks against those peaceably assembled in the public spaces of our nation as part of the Occupy Wall Street protests.

Public anger has risen as evidence has emerged that the Homeland Security Agency and other federal agencies have had a role in encouraging and coordinating these police attacks.

This morning, Dr. Jill Stein joined with over thirty other leading civil liberties, civil rights, labor, environmental, student, anti-war, and pro-democracy advocates in signing the First Amendment Pledge of Non-Cooperation with Police Repression.

You can read and sign the pledge here:


This public statement calls for an investigation into the federal role in the recent crackdowns.
It calls upon government officials to protect the vital public dialogue that is taking place as Americans assemble in the squares and commons and streets of our nation.
And it pledges collective non-cooperation, including a withdrawal of political support, with First Amendment repression by federal, state, and local officials and agencies.
Please read the statement, sign your name, and forward the First Amendment Pledge.
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Sign the #1stAmendment Pledge of Non-Cooperation with Police Repression: #ows #nlg #aclu
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