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New Mexico is on the Green map

New Mexico Jill SteinThis morning, the Stein campaign announced that nearly 4500 signatures of registered New Mexico voters have been collected and submitted to place the Green Party on the ballot in that state. This represents an excess of 50% over the minimum required for ballot status.

The signatures were collected by volunteers and staff organized by the Stein campaign in cooperation with the New Mexico Green Party. The campaign provided a full time field organizer on the ground as well as travel money for volunteers who came from California, Wisconsin, and Connecticut to put New Mexico on the ballot.

On hearing the good news, Dr. Stein said that, "That is terrific work for which we should all congratulate the New Mexico Greens. I'm proud of what they've done, and very happy that my campaign could play the role it did in making this happen. New Mexico is back on the Green map."

The Stein campaign has already put the Utah Greens on the ballot, and assisted the Hawai'i Greens in securing their ballot line. The campaign has also already, sometimes in cooperation with existing parties, sometimes on its own, launched new ballot drives in Connecticut, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Vermont, with many more to come. Jill Stein is also party to an Alabama lawsuit intended to reform ballot access rules in that state. 

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Debbie—Glad to help! :))
commented 2012-04-04 22:54:31 -0400 · Flag
Thanks Louise! :-)
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Debbie— I found info on the GP of WA website—

Spring Gathering 2012

SPRING GATHERING – Seattle Labor Temple – 5 May – 25 min 9:00 Registration 9:30 Welcome, introduce SCC; candidate process review – today, voting, eligibility, etc.

10:00 Introduction of US-GP Presidential Nomination candidate Jill Stein; Q and A
11:00 Introduction of GP endorsed candidates for state and local office
11:30 Candidates for state GP office: GPoWS CC, US-GP National Committee Delegates, US-GP
12:00 Panel of all candidates:
– How can we get the maximum good out of our presidential candidate’s run?
– How important is it not to spoil a good mainstream candidate’s run?
– What can we support in the mainstream parties’ platforms, and what needs to be exposed as
“not in the interest of the 99%”?
1:00 lunch
2:00 reports by Green Party locals
3:00 small table conversations
4:00 bylaw amendments, Q&A, voting by members
5:00 adjourn

Evening – Jill Stein open house and fundraiser
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Where do we go to learn when the primaries will be taking place in our state? I’m in WA and I’m getting worried? We’re 1/4 there for donations and no ballot access yet? I want to be able to vote for Jill!
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Thanks to Michal and Rick for their efforts.

I think I will host a house party in April for Jill and also show the new Robert Greenwald film on the Koch brothers.
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THANK YOU, Louise!
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Hooray!!! Thanks to all of us who participated in order to make this important feat happen!!
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