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We got their attention

Bill-OReilly-goes-bonkers-over-Green-New-Deal.pngWhen Bill O'Reilly of the Fox network is upset with you, you know you're doing something right. O'Reilly recently got wind of the Green New Deal, and specifically, of its provision for the Robin Hood Tax on financial transactions. 

O'Reilly featured a short clip of a video interview Jill Stein had done with Forbes magazine's Peter J. Reilly, introducing Dr. Stein as "Greeeeeen Party candidate Jill Stein," before extrapolating her support for a financial transaction tax into armed IRS agents invading the homes of the rich and famous to conduct "wealth audits." 

Apparently the message of the Green New Deal has gotten through even to the producers at the Fox network. And this raises a question: How many others did the Stein-Honkala message of the Green New Deal reach?

For an answer to that question, our staff turned to the oracle, aka Google. Here's what we found. Over a 12 month period, in the United States, searches for the phrase "Green New Deal" increased astronomically from next to nothing to a trending topic. Similarly, searches for the phrase "Green Party" increased five times over. You can see both search trends below.

It is too early to say with certainty what the lasting impact of our campaign's promotion of the Green New Deal will have been on American politics and policy. And Greens will continue to champion the Green New Deal, both at the federal level and also increasingly in state and local races.

But one thing is already clear: Because of your support, the Green New Deal has gotten under Bill O'Reilly's skin, and it has come into the consideration of millions more Americans.



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commented 2013-01-02 22:42:46 -0500 · Flag
Ben thanks for posting this and all your fine work in 2012. May we build on that for lasting change in 2013 and beyond!